Working at Heights

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Note: Working at heights certification deadline is april 1, 2017 for construction!

We are please to offer the Working at Heights Safety Training Program in partnership with Expert Safety Solutions, a Ministry of Labour Approved Training Provider.


Course Description

This Working at Heights Safety Training Program is a requirement for workers on construction projects who may use any of the following methods of fall protection:

  • Travel Restraint Systems
  • Fall Restricting Systems
  • Fall Arrest Systems
  • Safety Nets
  • Work Belts or Safety Belts

There are two modules to the Working at Heights Training Program: Working at Heights Basic Theory and Working at Heights Practical. The Working at Heights Basic Theory module must be successfully completed before the Working at Heights Practical module is taken.




6.5 hours




From $99 + HST. Please inquire for details.

Learning Objectives

The Working at Heights Training Program Standard is designed to support consistent and quality training for workers in the province of Ontario. This course helps learners to develop core competencies required for Working at Heights and focuses and helps them to understand:

  • How to strengthen workplace safety culture.
  • The importance of preventing falls from heights.
  • Hazards and general safety practices.
  • The purpose of personal fall protection equipment and its use.
  • Practical measures to reduce the number of falls-from-heights incidents, injuries and fatalities.

Participants will be evaluated on the basis of written and hands-on tests.


The instructor will conduct a brief review at the end of each segment, followed by a quiz that will be handed in, marked for the record, and sent to the Ministry of Labour.


Successful learners will be issued a record of completion and will receive accreditation from the Ministry of Labour.

Continuing Education

Employers have the responsibility this training program standard with additional information, instruction and training in workplace-specific policies and procedures and workplace-specific equipment related to working at heights. In addition, employers must ensure that they meet the training and other requirements in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its regulations.

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