JHSC Part 2 Certification Training

JHSC Part 2 Training Description:

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JHSC Part 2 Training is the second part of the Ontario JHSC program standard. If you have already taken Part 1 training anytime within the last year, this is your next step.

Part 2 training is taken over two days. This is not a self-study safety training course. Rather, a live instructor will be there to guide you and provide opportunities for interaction so that you can remain engaged. Since this course is delivered virtually, you will need access to Zoom and Google Classroom (instructions will be provided after registration).

Once you complete Part 2 training you will be a fully certified member of the JHSC! We will provide you with a certificate of completion for your records. Certification is granted by the Chief Prevention Officer of the MLTSD and you will be able to access your certificate online through the MLTSD’s certificate management system.

Pre-Requisites to JHSC Part 2 Training:

  • Computer/laptop with webcam
  • Basic computer literacy (perform web searches, check email, type into online documents)
  • You completed Part 1 training within the last year check eligibility

What will you learn?

  • Provincial Hazard Priorities
  • Hazard recognition, assessment, control, and evaluation
  • Slip, Trip and Fall Hazards
  • Violence and Harassment
  • Workstation Ergonomics
  • Manual Material Handling (lifting)
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Fire and Life Safety
  • Action Plans to Address Hazards Locally
  • Employer Recommendations


How will you learn?

  • Zoom video conferencing
  • Google Classroom assignments
  • Group discussion
  • Workplace specific exercises
  • Case studies

Learn More:

Ontario’s Guide for Health and Safety Committees and Representatives

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