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JHSC Certification Training: Part One

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Joint Health and Safety Certification Training is mandated under the Occupation Health and Safety Act, and is therefore necessary for Ontario workplaces with 20 or more workers where a joint health and safety committee is required. Legislation mandates that there must be at least one certified worker member and one certified management member on the committee. Consequently, this means that the majority of provincially regulated workplaces will need to have two persons complete Certification Training.

Since certified members play a crucial part in workplace health and safety culture, it is extremely important that they enter their roles feeling prepared and knowing what to expect. Our Part One JHSC Certification Training course equips learners with the knowledge and resources to effectively fulfill their roles as certified members of a workplace joint health and safety committee.

JHSC Certification Training Part One is an engaging and interactive 3-day course which is approved by Chief Prevention Officer. Completion of both Parts One and Two are necessary in order to be eligible for certification. Successful participants of this program will have completed the first mandatory component of certification training, and will be eligible to become certified members upon completion of Part Two Training.

Pre-requisites Icon Pre-requisites

  • Learners should be fluent in spoken and written English and should be able to comprehend legal concepts and language

Length Icon Length

3 days

Location Icon Location

Please visit our calendar of events for course dates and locations. On-site training is also available for a minimum of 6 participants. Please inquire for details.

Cost Icon Cost

$469 + HST
Included Materials:

  • JHSC Part 1 Participant Manual
  • OHS Act & Regulations (electronic access included)

Key Concepts Icon Key Concepts

  • The certification process
  • The role of a certified member
  • Provincial legislation relating to joint health and safety committees
  • The structure and function of the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • The rights, duties and powers of workplace parties
  • How to develop and implement a company health and safety program
  • How to recognize, assess, control and evaluate workplace hazards
  • How to report and investigate workplace accidents and injuries
  • How to access resources that will allow them to receive up-to-date

Evaluation Icon Evaluation

Learners will be evaluated throughout the course based on their participation in case studies, exercises and group discussions. Each learner is required to complete a multiple choice test which will be evaluated by the course instructor.

Documentation Icon Documentation

Complete Safety Resources provides a Record of Completion to all successful participants upon completion of Part 1 Certification Training. Official status as a certified member will be issued by the CPO after the participant has successfully completed both Parts One and Two within the prescribed time period.

Continuing Education Icon Continuing Education

Part Two Certification training must be completed within 6 months of Part One in order to qualify for Certified status